Automatic lubrication systems are a great investment. These systems reduce safety risks, promote accurate lubrication, decrease labour costs and so much more. Not to mention, most of these systems are very easy to maintain. There are so many automatic lubrication systems to choose from that you may not know which one is right for you. Read about the considerations of selecting the right automatic lubrication system:

The application

You would need to consider the application that you intend to use the automatic lubrication system for. Different applications would require different lubrication systems according to their method of lubrication, such as injectors, or their ability to withstand the pressure or temperature of the equipment. Single line injector lubrication systems are a very reliable choice; however, dual line lubrications systems are also reliable, but are more suited to high pressure situations, making them the top choice over single line injector lubrications systems when it comes to pressurised equipment such as loading equipment.

Oil vs grease

You would need to consider whether you require an oil or grease lubrication system. When it comes to high speed applications that reach high temperatures, oil lubrication systems are the best choice, and the most common choice in these cases. However, grease is the most used lubricant for bearings due to its high viscosity. The thickness of grease allows it to provide adequate separation of parts such as the sliding and interlocking parts of the equipment. A grease lubrication system is also more efficient in keeping the grease within the bearing envelope.