Prolube Marketing has been in the fluid handling industry for many years. During this time, we have designed, supplied and installed a variety of lubrication systems for numerous clients. Read about the lubrication systems that we have on offer below:

Single line progressive lubrication systems

These systems offer years of durability and reliability. They have a very compact design and require minimal maintenance to keep operating and providing continuous lubrication to bearings for time to come. Single line progressive lubrication systems can be used for many applications such as construction equipment, wind turbine generators and much more.

Single line injector lubrication systems

Lubrication systems such as this can always be trusted to keep your system running, even if there are faults. If one injector happens to fail, it will not affect the entire system as other injectors will continue to inject an accurate amount of lubricant to each lubrication point.

Dual line lubrications systems

Dual line lubrication systems are commonly found in application such as loading equipment, cement works and more. These systems work well on pressurised equipment as it can function at high pressures. The systems can also easily be expanded or changed due to the modular elements.

Machine tool lubrication systems

This centralised lubrication system is used on industrial machinery in order to reduce downtime, improve the overall operations of the machinery, reduce the waste of lubrication and more. It is an efficient way to automatically lubricate all parts of the machinery.