The central pumping unit is the heart of the lubrication system, pumping oil to all the bearings, joints and other lubrications points. These units are very important for the operation of the machinery. Prolube Marketing understands their importance, which is why we offer so many different types! Read about the different types of central pumping units offered by Prolube Marketing below:

Hand operated Pumps

Hand operated lubrication pumps are one of the many central pumping units offered by Prolube Marketing. As the name suggests, these units are manually operated. These central pumping units are suitable for small machinery.

Air Operated Pump

An air operated pump is a central pumping unit that operates by mean of compressed air. This pressurised air carries the lubricant to its necessary points. These pumping units are very efficient and are easy to operate.

Electric Motor Driven Pumps

Electric motor driven pumps use motors to pump the lubricant into the necessary areas of the system. These pumps are useful as the motor can be used to alter the flow of the lubricant. The flow can be set at a specific rate, or it can fluctuate depending on the application it is being used for.

Mechanical Driven Pumps

Most mechanical driven pumps are used in multi-line lubrication systems. Multi-line lubrication systems are systems that have more than one lubrication outlet. Each lubrication point has its own pumping element. Mechanical pumps use stackable elements to feed these lubrication points.

Hydraulic Driven Pumps

Hydraulic driven pumps use pressurised hydraulic fluid to push the lubricant through the system, to its designated points. These hydraulic central pumping units are useful in providing clean, cool lubrication to machinery.