Grease transfer is typically difficult due to its viscosity, therefore high pressure grease pumps are required to transfer grease proficiently and quickly. Grease is commonly transferred from barrels using a grease drum pump which must be used alongside a follower plate. The follower plate is placed inside a container and ensures the removal of grease from the sides of the container, directing it into the grease pump ensuring minimal wastage.

Air operated grease pumps are a popular choice, complete with a hose and trigger nozzle either for dispensing or for applying grease to machinery. For larger volumes of grease transfer, electric grease pumps are popular including peristaltic and gear pumps. The air-operated grease supply system operates with 2 up to 10 bar compressed air depending on the desired pressure ratio. The cylinder of the pump will automatically be switched before reaching the end position which generates the upward and downward stroke necessary for delivering.

This precise, mechanical switch-over is integrated inside the pump head and therefore well protected against external influences and manipulation. The well-engineered geometric form of the valve and the sleeve with spring supported toggle guarantee a safe switching.

Also, to ensure that the grease pump will not corrode in a marine environment, the pump is specified to come with a stainless steel tube set. We supply the complete package including barrel pump, motor, hose and connections. This ensures the pump is ready to be used as soon as it arrives.

The drum pumps we supply are of the highest quality and extremely reliable. You can be confident with grease pumps supplied by us as we strictly comply with international standards.