When you’re using high-pressure pump for any application, you will need to be able to control the flow of whatever liquid you’re pumping. This is where the control nozzles on your pumps becomes a factor that you can’t ignore; not being able to control the flow and intensity of fluids in your pumps will make them useless.

What is a pump control nozzle?

Control nozzles work by directing the flow of fluids from the pump, through the pipes and into the nozzle for distribution. Different pump control nozzles work differently depending on the application, but generally, control nozzles consist of a handle, a lever, and a valve. The handle allows for easy handling of the pipes, while the valve and lever allow for the regulation of the flow of the fluid being pumped.

Why should you use control nozzles on your pumps?

When you’re dealing with any kind of fluid, you need to have complete control over the flow of that fluid to avoid any potential hazards or wastage.

Don’t waste your fluids

Control nozzles on your pumps allow you to effectively control how much fluid is ejected out of the pump, preventing any potential for wastage. For petrol stations, pump control nozzles are essential to ensure that customers get the amount of fuel they paid for, no more and no less.

Prevent hazardous situations

If you’re dealing with flammable substances like gasoline, lacking complete control in the flow of the fuel from one tank to another can result in serious injury and damage. If you’d like to learn more about this, contact us today!

Control where the fluid goes

Most pumps serve the function of allowing gasses and fluids to travel from one location to another. To ensure that this happens, you need to be able to properly guide the substance to its destination. Control nozzles do just that – without them, you wouldn’t be able to control where your fluids go.

Control the velocity of your fluids

To prevent any damage to your system or accidental injury as mentioned in a previous point, you need to be able to control the speed at which your fluids run through your pump. Without this control, high flow velocities could damage your system internally and cause harm to you and your personnel.

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