Fluid Handling Equipment

 Fluid handling denotes high velocity fluids – high velocity means wear, erosion and corrosion, at high impact points within pump impellers, valves and stems, bends and elbows in pipework systems. And those pumps, valves and pipes are important in a production process. A worn component means inefficiency and delays.

We have assembled an extensive portfolio of fluid handling equipment that feature the leading brands, sourced from stable world-class manufacturers. Whether you are working with corrosive chemicals or ultra-pure water, we have the products you need. Constructed of high-grade materials, Prolube Marketing fluid handling equipment provides efficient, cost effective solutions to remove and store used fluids, and to disperse fresh oil. This safe and dependable operation contributes to a clean, efficient operating environment. 







Gespa Fuel Pumps






Gespa Fuel Handling Accessories



Gespa Oil Pumps



Gespa Oil Handling Accessories



Pressol Grease Pumps and Equipment



Pressol Pneumatic Oil Pumps and Equipment




Pressol Hose reels for:

• Air

• Water

• Oil

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