Filtration Products

INTERNORMEN  Hydraulic and Lubrication Filters

The name „INTERNORMEN“ is a synonym for high quality products, innovation and world wide competence.

Established in 1972. as a manufacturer and distributor of filters for hydraulic and lubrication fluids, INTERNORMEN prospered and became an international company, which has developed more than 4000 different filter element types with corresponding housings and components..

Today INTERNORMEN Technology stands for a group of globally active companies, with an ability to supply customised products, and solve numerous and different problems in more than eighty countries.

Production facilities were founded in Germany, where also the headquarters are, the United States, India, Brazil and China. A global distribution network enables us to carry out installation and service work on location, by systematically trained staff, using a know-how obtained as a result of our cosmopolitan strategy.

INTERNORMEN Technology is present in many key technologies, and has developed different product families which went beyond production of hydraulic and lubricating fluid filters:

  • Filter Technology
  • Fluid Management
  • Electronics
  • System Technology
  • Contamination Monitoring
  • Software Solutions
  • Process Technology

More than 35 years of experience and continued entrepreneurship made it possible for  us to take a further step in supporting our customers and develop solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry, paints and dyes industry, electronics, food & beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

INTERNORMEN’s investments into research and development are much higher than usual for this line of business, with a goal to launch reliable, versatile high-quality products and provide ideal value and price/performance ratio.

In order to ensure best possible practical orientation right from the start, the contact with our customers is very close – even at the early stage, when INTERNORMEN Technology ideas are born.

In our large research and development centre all our products are designed and brought to the production stage utilizing latest technologies and great professional competence.

An important basis for development and production of filter elements with such high quality standards are modern test-stands according to ISO standards. For example test stands to determine the pressure difference stability and material disruption, to determine the filtration performance and dirt holding capacity, as well as bubble point and bond strength.

In our laboratories latest measuring technologies enable precise analyses of all sorts of hydraulic and lubricating fluids. These technologies are for example automatic particle counting, water content determination according to the Karl-Fischer-method or even infrared spectroscopy or atom emission spectroscopy. In this way we provide important and useful information to our customers, concerning the condition of their fluid as well as type and amount of present contamination. Using this information, increased system efficiency can be ensured.

Due to the fact that quality remained one of our main priorities, all of our subsidiaries were certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

The diversity within each of INTERNORMEN’s product family consistently increases.

Growing together with our customers is something we have implemented into our corporate strategy, and that is why we perform all of our activities with close contacts to our customers – making them become our partners.

In the future, international interchange of knowledge will enable us to outperform our past achievements, and attend our customers with even greater success.